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R A W  M A T E R I A L S

Press Quotes

Praise for Raw Materials:

"a highlight of the [Earshot Jazz] festival...dynamic, logical and beautiful "
- Paul De Barros, The Seattle Times

"They effortlessly traverse traditions, their materials repeatedly coiling with the tensions of Indian scales and unraveling with forward rhythmic motion... Iyer and Mahanthappa create compelling music."
- Bill Shoemaker, JazzTimes

"Mr. Iyer, a hard-driving vamp pianist with high concepts, and Mr. Mahanthappa, an alto player with a tone like iron, have recently been making their names playing tough, rhythmically complicated, challenging music. They're generating a new scene."
-Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

"Call it fire-music for brain trusts... two South Asian wizards brandishing swing, swordplay, and syllogisms."
-Greg Tate

"Two gifted musicians who speak each other's language... IyerÕs spiky chords, precise phrasing, and surprising linear improvisations are consistently compelling, and Mahanthappa reads his mind... Their work together over the past couple of years has displayed a rare cohesiveness. Each man is so assuredly rhythmic and so in tune with the other that you won't miss a rhythm section -- Iyer's percussive piano is rhythm section enough."
-Gary Giddins, Village Voice

" vital... new jazz provocateurs with fresh ideas"
- The New Yorker

"superb... a thrilling performance"
-Perfect Sound Forever

"Tremendous work, a clever, torrid, enchanting performance: one will remember the French premiere of Rudresh Mahanthappa and Vijay Iyer for a long time!"
- Dernieres Nouvelles d'Alsace

Praise for Vijay Iyer:

"Captivating... an extravagantly gifted jazz pianist and a quick-witted composer"
- The New Yorker

"[One of] the new stars of jazz... Superior skills, uncommon versatility, a definite vision."
- U.S. News & World Report

"A composer and performer of international significance"
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Bracingly expressionist jazz... full of pulsating blues"
-The New York Times

"Utterly remarkable... boldly shaping the direction of jazz to come."

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Praise for Rudresh Mahanthappa:

"Mahanthappa's chops are practically unparalleled... This kind of elevation and refinement are not simply a cut above the norm; they arguably redefine the norm."

"Definitely one of the strongest voices on the jazz scene."
-All Music Guide

"Compelling and fiercely individualistic... The vibrancy of his tone, the unflagging drive of his rhythms, the speed of his bebop-influenced passages, and the mercurial nature of his improvisational ideas establish Mahanthappa as a player with a great deal to say."
-The Chicago Tribune

"alto monsta . . . expect tumult and introspection, chaos and ressurection, terror and evolution."
-The Village Voice

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