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Saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa


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RAW MATERIALS, the duo project of pianist VIJAY IYER and alto saxophonist RUDRESH MAHANTHAPPA, engages the listener with intelligent melodies and harmonies combined with wonderfully layered rhythms, epitomizing new jazz at its best. Vijay and Rudresh are rising stars in the New York creative music scene who address their common South Asian heritage through their innovative collaborations. Drawing from African-American and Indian creative traditions, they have gained recognition from audiences, musicians, and critics alike as world-class improvisors and composers, outspoken young Asian American voices, and important forces in the music world. Since 1996, Iyer and Mahanthappa have performed together in Europe, Asia, and across North America, playing their cutting-edge original music to widespread acclaim. The duo has just received a prestigious commission from the Rockefeller Foundation.

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Manodharma Trio

The Manodharma Trio is an exciting, propulsive new ensemble of piano, saxophone, and Indian percussion, featuring three outstanding and unique performers who explore the fertile terrain between Indian music and jazz. Their name refers to the art of improvisation, which serves as the common thread for their richly varied musical tapestries. With Vijay Iyer on piano, Rudresh Mahanthappa on alto saxophone, and Indian percussion legend Trichy Sankaran on mrdangam and kanjira.

This particular project bears important symbolic weight, because it represents one of the first inter-generational artistic collaborations in the South Asian diaspora. Sankaran is an elder, veteran artist who enjoyed a healthy musical education and career in India. Iyer and Mahanthappa are young Indian-Americans who address their heritage from within American musical forms. All three share a common cultural awareness that gives this charismatic group a fascinating dimension of depth and cross-generational dialogue.

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Indo-Pak Jazz Coalition

The Indo-Pak Jazz Coaltion is one of the freshest and most innovative bands on today's music scene. Consisting of Fareed Haque on sitar-guitar (a custom made hybrid instrument), Rudresh Mahanthappa on saxophone, and Samir Chatterjee on tabla, this group combines jazz with the astutely improvised music of India and Pakistan.

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