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Saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa



Black Water (2002)
Rudresh Mahanthappa Quartet
This is Rudresh's much awaited second recording as a leader. The quartet consists of Vijay Iyer on piano, François Moutin on bass, and Elliot Humberto Kavee on drums. Red Giant Records. Check out Rudresh's site on downloadable tracks.
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Panoptic Modes (2001)
Vijay Iyer
Continuing to make a tremendous impact on the New York jazz scene, Vijay's new quartet CD is out!! In addition to myself and Vijay, the great Stephan Crump and Derrek Phillips play acoustic bass and drums respectively on this beautiful recording. This CD made the "Best Jazz CD of 2001" lists in the Village Voice and The New Yorker among others. Check out Vijay's website to learn more about him and read more rave reviews that his new release has received.
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Architextures (1997)
Vijay Iyer
Mahanthappa is featured here with long time friend and musical ally, Vijay Iyer. Vijay is an amazing pianist and composer. Rudresh had the opportunity to be apart of an octet which included Liberty Ellman on guitar, Eric Crystal on tenor saxophone, Aaron Stewart on tenor saxophone, and Brad Hargreaves on drums.
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Yatra (1994)
Rudresh Mahanthappa (Various Groups)
AEMMP Records, AE-125-409
This exciting album feature's Rudresh's original modern jazz compositions in duo, trio, and quartet settings. He is accompanied by a great group from Chicago consisting of Ryan Shultz on bass trumpet, Jim Trompeter on Piano, Larry Kohut on bass, and Jerry Steinhilber on drums.
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The Oversize Quartet Plays the Music of Rich Latham (1992)
Rich Latham
Accurate Records, AC-4800
Rudresh is a featured soloist on this sextet recording of compositions by the late Boston-based composer/arranger Rich Latham.
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